For the Record

For the record

Concert day: In the June 11 Calendar section, the 5 Days Out feature listed the wrong performance day for “Even the Light Itself Falls” at Art Share L.A. Theater. The show is Friday, not Thursday.

Mass MoCA: In the June 6 Calendar section, an article about Paul Schimmel, partner in the forthcoming Hauser Wirth & Schimmel art center, said that the Mass MoCA art center is in Boston. Mass MoCA is in the Berkshires, a few hours outside Boston.

Summer TV: In the June 7 Section A, an article about summer TV shows mischaracterized the deal-making behind the CBS drama “Under the Dome.” The talent agency WME was involved in the packaging of the licensing deal with CBS, but the network itself brokered the streaming deal with Amazon.

Colossus ride: In the June 10 Business section, an article about the pending closure of the Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia said that an employee was killed in 1996 while working on the coaster. She was killed while working on the park’s Revolution roller coaster.

Rieslings: In the June 7 Saturday section, an article about British wine writer Stuart Pigott and the increasing popularity and production of Riesling said that, while Germany once had 605 of the Riesling vineyards in the world, it now has about 47%. It should have said that Germany once had 60% of the vineyards.

Abduction case: In the June 11 LATExtra section, the headline on a brief news item about the arrest of the mother of three children in the shooting death of their father referred to the children as abducted girls. Two of the three are boys.

Death row: In the June 11 LATExtra section, an article about psychiatric care for condemned prisoners said that in 2010 the state attempted to adopt new protocols for executing prisoners using different drugs. In fact, the new rules, which were blocked by the courts, involve the same drugs that had previously been used.