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NHL summaries: In the NHL playoff roundup in the April 21 Sports section, the top of the Capitals-Rangers game summary gave an incorrect score of Capitals 6, Rangers 3. The score was 4-3. The same summary also indicated that three overtime periods were played; there were only two. Also, the summary for the Sabres-Flyers game indicated that the teams had played one overtime period when they had not and that the Sabres had scored a goal in the second period when they had not.

Scars: An April 17 article in Section A on how to treat scars incorrectly identified Los Angeles dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu as Jennifer Wu.

"Ice" review: A review of "Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption — From South Central to Hollywood" in the April 20 Calendar section said that the chapter "99 Problems" was named after a song by rapper Jay-Z. In fact, the song was originally recorded on Ice-T's 1993 album, "Home Invasion."

Body Mass Index: An April 17 article in Section A on the limitations of the body mass index (BMI) said the BMI was calculated by dividing a person's weight by his height, squared. That formula applies to measurements in kilograms and meters. When calculating BMI using inches and pounds, the result of the formula should be multiplied by 703.

Immigrants in prison: A brief article in the April 22 Section A about an increase in immigrants in federal prison erroneously referred to the Government Accountability Office as the Government Accounting Office.

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