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For the record

Koch brothers: A Feb. 6 Section A article about the political influence of billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch said that Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), who represents the home district of their company Koch Industries, launched an aerospace company with investment help from a Koch subsidiary. The Koch investment occurred in 1998, not at the time of the company's launch in 1996. Also, Pompeo, who was elected in November, sold his interest in the firm in 2005, not last year as The Times reported.

Brown and business: In the Feb. 11 LATExtra section, an article about Gov. Jerry Brown's outreach to business leaders to gain support for extending taxes said that all Republican lawmakers who voted for tax increases in 2009 lost elections for state office in 2010. Not all of the Republicans who voted that way ran for state office in 2010.

Drone test pilot: An article in the Feb. 9 Section A about the U.S. Air Force's first drone test pilot described the Bell X-1, in which Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1947, as a jet. The aircraft was powered by a rocket engine.

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