2nd LAX worker held in dry ice bombs

A second ground service employee was arrested Friday in connection with dry ice bombs at Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles police said.

Miguel Angel Iniguez, 41, a ground services supervisor, was arrested while working at LAX. The Inglewood resident was being held Friday on $500,000 bail on suspicion of possessing a destructive device linked to the dry ice bombing incidents, said Cmdr. Andrew Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police offered no motive for Iniguez’s suspected involvement.

Iniguez works for Servisair and was the supervisor of Dicarlo Bennett, 28, who was arrested earlier this week and charged in connection with two dry ice bombs that exploded in an employees bathroom in Terminal 2 and in a tarmac area at the Tom Bradley International Terminal.


Bennett has pleaded not guilty. His attorney, Ben Wasserman, said Bennett had removed the dry ice from a cargo bay to protect a dog that was being transported in the area from potentially lethal fumes.

Sources said Bennett acknowledged being responsible for two of the devices.

Police said that there was no link to terrorism and that Bennett’s intentions were his own amusement as a prank.

No injuries were reported in the incidents. A third dry ice bomb was found near the Bradley terminal but had not detonated, police said.

The devices drew the bomb squad to the airport two days in a row, delaying some flights Sunday and prompting increased security.