Rapper 2 Chainz gets sobriety bracelet from judge after drug plea

Rapper 2 Chainz performing this month at a weigh-in for a boxing match in Las Vegas.
Rapper 2 Chainz performing this month at a weigh-in for a boxing match in Las Vegas.
(Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

The rapper known as 2 Chainz got another piece of jewelry for his collection Monday when an L.A. judge handed him a sobriety bracelet after he pleaded guilty to a charge related to carrying codeine at LAX.

The 36-year-old performer, born Tauheed Epps, entered the plea to misdemeanor drug possession and agreed to be placed on probation for three years and to complete a drug-rehab program. He was originally charged with felony drug possession.

Epps was removed from a flight about to depart June 11 and arrested by LAX police after they found a bottle containing a chemical mixture known as “sizzurp” -- which has codeine in it -- in his checked baggage.


On Monday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz gave 2 Chainz a bracelet that says “Stay Clean and Sober.”

“You made this for me?” the rapper asked the judge, who is known for going an extra step to help keep defendants on the straight and narrow and has dealt with a number of celebrity cases -- including Lindsay Lohan’s.

Schwartz replied that he did.

The judge said that although he does not listen to 2 Chainz’s music, he knew many young people who did and said the rapper was a role model for many.

“I think it all-important for people in the entertainment industry to give a positive attitude,” Schwartz said.

As an entertainer, 2 Chainz needs to act like his mother is always present, the judge said.

“Sizzurp,” also known as “purple drank,” has been popularized in Southern rap artists’ songs.