Contra Costa County motorist caught using dummy to drive in carpool lane, CHP says

The California Highway Patrol said a driver in Contra Costa County tried to pull a fast one by using a dummy in order to drive in the carpool lane.

The CHP posted a tweet about the incident with a photo of a dummy sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle wearing a black sweater and a baseball cap.

“Dummy passenger can’t fool us,” the tweet read. “Shame on you.”

The CHP said the man told the officer he didn’t have any room in his car to put the dummy, which looked like the Marvel character Venom, so he put it in the front seat beside him.


“We like Marvel characters too but don’t pretend like you’re not trying to cheat the system,” CHP said.

The man, who was not identified, was given a $400 traffic citation. Authorities hope it sends a message to other drivers in California: Don’t be a dummy and follow the rules.


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