Chino Hills, where everyone will get free plastic surgery thanks to Powerball! Not

7-Eleven in Chino Hills

Lottery fans celebrate at the Chino Hills 7-Eleven store where one of the winning tickets in the $1.5-billion Powerball drawing was sold.

(Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times)

Now that Chino Hills has claimed a Powerball winner everyone can expect free plastic surgery. Woo-hoo!

Well, that was the brief -- and spectacularly untrue -- boast on the city’s Wikipedia page Wednesday night.

It’s far too early to tell how the life of the Chino Hills Powerball lottery winner will change. (It’s safe to say it will be very, very, very... very dramatic). But one thing that changed early and often was the city’s Wikipedia page.

The $528.8-million ticket inspired people to keep altering Chino Hills’ Wikipedia page with less than factual edits -- including the promises of free plastic surgery.


The winning ticket also caused people to flood Google looking for more information on Chino Hills, a city in southwestern San Bernardino County. And no, Chino Hills is NOT Chino, which is where Ryan Atwood, a character in the defunct TV show “The O.C.,” hailed from -- although many Twitter users joked that maybe he was the big winner.

Actor Ben McKenzie, who portrayed Atwood on the show, jumped in on the lottery madness, thanking social media for his Powerball win.

For the droves of people trying to get the low-down on the real place where someone had purchased a ticket, they were met with constantly changing Wikipedia entries for the city, including:


“Chino Hills is a suburb of Los Angeles located in the southwestern corner of haha, go Chino Hills!! Plastic Surgery is on the menu!! #powerball.”



Wikipedia went back to normal Thursday as the initial frenzy caused by the Powerball announcement ebbed. The unnamed winner is not mentioned under notable natives and residents on Wikipedia.

But that could change soon.

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