‘Rally Bear’ banned from Dodger Stadium: ‘I got my point across’

The “Rally Bear” who danced atop the St. Louis Cardinals dugout this week has been banned from Dodger Stadium for six months, he says.

The 50-year-old man who wore the “Rally Bear” costume, Mark Monninger of Rancho Cucamonga, said he pulled the stunt to promote the idea of the Dodgers’ getting a mascot.

As the Dodgers fought their way to a 3-0 win Monday over the St. Louis Cardinals, Monninger jumped out of his seat dressed in a bear costume and rushed on top of the Cardinals’ dugout.

He then waved his hands wildly, clapping to get the crowd hyped up and tried to do a jump into splits -- twice -- before being pulled away by security personnel.


Monninger called it “a gonzo, guerrilla-thing where you just go for it.”

“Not bad for a white guy.... Trust me, it can get way better,” Monninger said of his late-game performance. “I can tear up a rug if I have to.”

A spokesman for the Dodgers on Tuesday said the ban included six months’ worth of games at Dodger Stadium.

Monninger, who owns an office furniture store, said he was trying to drive home the point that the Dodgers need a mascot.


“I’m not trying to promote any organization or cause.... I just want to show fans this is what is out there, this is someone that can entertain you,” he said.

He decided on a bear costume because “bears are cuddly, they look good.”

Monninger said that even though he wasn’t arrested, that could change if he violates the ban.

“It’s in their hands now,” Monninger said. “I got my point across.”

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