Pit bull mix slashed and stabbed in South Los Angeles

A Los Angeles Police animal cruelty task force is looking for a person who hit a dog with a shovel and then slashed its face and head several times.

The attack was reported early Saturday near the intersection of 10th Street and Florence Avenue, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

A spokesperson for the department did not have further information about the incident. But NBC Los Angeles reported that an angry neighbor struck the dog with a shovel and stabbed it several times. 

“I have 21 years with the Police Department and I’ve never seen a dog that cut up before by somebody,” LAPD Sgt. Tami Bauman told the station.  "We once in a while see someone get mad and maybe they’ll choke a dog or maybe cut it, but this dog is cut up all over.”


The Ghetto Rescue FFoundation told the station that the dog, a pit bull mix named Spartacus, needed hundreds of stitches in his head, neck, ears, mouth and torso.

The group also posted updates on its Facebook account. Some of the photos show Spartacus with some deep lacerations to his neck and body.

“We are so sad this happened to him,” the group wrote in one update.

The group said Spartacus is being fostered by another dog owner while police investigate the crime. 


Anyone with information about the attack is asked to contact LAPD’s animal cruelty task force at (213) 486-0450

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