GoPro camera captures motorcyclist crashing head-on with truck

A dramatic video captured on a GoPro camera shows the terrifying moments when a motorcyclist crashes head on into a fire truck in the Angeles National Forest and survives.

The video shows Jesse Lopez driving on Glendora Ridge Road on April 1 as he reaches speeds of 60 mph through the winding canyon. Then in a flash, Lopez crashes head on with the fire truck, which blew its horn (video includes profanity).

The helmet-mounted camera was still recording while Lopez was being treated by paramedics.

Lopez uploaded the video to YouTube earlier this month, and it has since gone viral.


Lopez survived the crash, but was seriously injured. He suffered broken legs and injured his arm.

“I got very lucky. No real permanent injuries,” he said on YouTube.

Lopez’s video has stirred a debate online over whether he was traveling at an unsafe speed on a two-way road.

“This accident is 100% due to the rider entering the turn too fast and not being able to control the path of his bike,” Dave Benjamin said on YouTube. “It’s obvious the guy never learned to ride because in the minutes leading up to the crash, he does not do any counter-steering going into the turns.”

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