LAPD rushes to Stephen Collins’ home over false gunshot report

Los Angeles police responded to the home of actor Stephen Collins, who played the father on “7th Heaven,” after someone reported hearing what could have been gunshots Tuesday night.

But when they entered, no one was home, police told The Times.

Details about exactly what the LAPD did at the home are unclear. But LAPD Lt. Robert Davis said police were able to make contact with Collins and confirm he was safe.

“We ultimately were able to verify that Mr. Collins was not home and is alive and well,” Davis said. “We made contact with him.”


Cmdr. Andy Smith said the report of “loud pops” came from someone in a media van parked outside Collins’ home.

The LAPD said earlier in the day that it was reviewing an investigation into the actor after sexual abuse allegations surfaced Tuesday.

LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith said the department opened its case after receiving information “regarding allegations of criminal behavior” involving the actor in 2012. But no crime report was ever made and no victim was verified, he said.

The case is no longer considered active, but Smith said LAPD officials are reviewing the investigation “to make certain that nothing was missed.”

“The case here has not been reopened,” he said, “we are merely reviewing the case for accuracy.”

Celebrity news site TMZ published an audiotape Tuesday that it said was recorded by Collins’ estranged wife during a therapy session with the actor. The man on the tape admits he sexually abused three underage girls — two in New York and one in Los Angeles, TMZ reported.

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