LAX issues aircraft noise advisory while one of its runways is closed for maintenance

Los Angeles International Airport, shown in 2012, is shutting down one of its runways this week for maintenance, which will increase aircraft traffic east of the airport.
(Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Residents in the Inglewood area may notice a change in aircraft flight activity and noise over the next few days as Los Angeles International Airport shuts down its southern runway for maintenance, prompting a deviation from its over-ocean operations, officials said.

The south outboard runway, which is primarily used for departures, will be closed from midnight Sunday through Wednesday morning, officials said. The south inboard runway, which is primarily used for arrivals, is closed through May 11 for reconstruction.

When possible, the FAA routes more aircraft traffic over the Santa Monica Bay between midnight and 6:30 a.m. to minimize noise in communities directly east of the airport, officials said.


With the closure of both runways in the south complex this week, all aircraft operations will be directed to the airport’s north runway complex, officials said. This could result in more aircraft arriving from the east, which in turn would directly impact Inglewood and the surrounding area.

How much LAX deviates from its over-ocean operations will depend on FAA routing, officials said.