Sacramento area man pitches a fit and sets his car on fire because he ran out of gas, police say


A Sacramento area man was arrested after police said he set his car on fire following an angry outburst because the vehicle had run out of gas, authorities said.

Police were called to a parking lot in Antelope on Tuesday afternoon after reports of a man smashing a car’s windows with large rocks. Officers with the Redding Police Department said the man was mad because he had run out of gas.

After warning the man, identified as Dane Brayman of Antelope, to leave the lot, police drove away.


About an hour later, though, officers were called back to the same parking lot. When they arrived, they found Brayman setting his car on fire with a road flare, police said.

The vehicle was fully engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived, and the blaze damaged the parking lot’s asphalt, police said.

Brayman was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, trespassing and arson.

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