Stockton officers kill man who stabbed police dog

A 25-year-old man who stabbed a police dog in Stockton died after he was shot by police and then jolted with a stun gun.

Several law enforcement agencies and the local district attorney’s office are investigating Tuesday’s incident, which is standard protocol in officer-involved shootings.

“It’s not just Stockton police investigating,” Stockton Police Officer Joseph Silva said Thursday. “There are checks and balances.”

Police said that after Patrick Wetter stabbed the police dog and refused to comply with orders, he was shot several times by two officers and then shocked with a stun gun.


A Stockton family called police that night, saying a man, who was later identified as Wetter, appeared to intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when he kicked open their front door and entered, Silva said.

The family barricaded themselves in a bedroom.

Police arrived to find Wetter inside the home, trying to force open the bedroom door, Silva said.

After he reportedly disobeyed officers’ commands to stop and surrender, they released the police dog in an effort to detain the man, police said.


Silva said Wetter stabbed the dog in the shoulder with a 3- to 4-inch folding knife.

After stabbing the police dog, Wetter raised the knife over his head in a threatening manner and officers fired, he said.

Wetter fell to the ground, clutching the knife.

Silva said Wetter continued to ignore orders and a third officer shocked him with a stun gun. He was later pronounced dead at the home.


“This was definitely a violent situation,” he said.

The police dog, Rocky, was expected to be released Thursday night from a Sacramento pet hospital.

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