‘Night Stalker’: What do you remember? [Talk back]


Many remember the fear that swept across Southern California during “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez’s months-long rampage of sexual assault and murder in 1984 and ’85.

Ramirez died Friday morning of natural causes at Marin General Hospital, state Department of Corrections spokeswoman Deborah Hoffman said. He was 53.

A Los Angeles jury convicted him in the 13 killings. He was sentenced to death and had been serving time on death row in San Quentin since 1989.


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In most of the cases, Ramirez entered homes in the early morning hours through open windows or doors. Some of the victims were found strangled, others had their throats slashed, but most had been fatally shot. Spray-painted pentagrams -- a distinctive Satanist symbol -- were also found on the walls of the some of victims’ homes.

The killings led to an increase in the sale of guns, ammunition, locks and window bars throughout Los Angeles County.

Ramirez’s crime rampage finally ended on Aug. 31, 1985, when he was captured and beaten by angry citizens in East Los Angeles after he tried to steal a woman’s car.

We’re collecting memories from that era -- what do you remember? Did the “Night Stalker” affect your life? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @LANow.



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