Do you live in an overcrowded neighborhood? Check here


Apartments and houses in Los Angeles and Orange counties are home to some of the most crowded living conditions in the country, according to federal statistics.

The Times analyzed the data to rank every ZIP code and census tract nationwide. Using this interactive graphic, you can enter your address and see whether you live one of the most crowded sections of the country.

The Times found:


-- In Los Angeles and Orange counties, about one in every 10 homes is crowded, compared with only 3% of homes nationwide.

-- More than half of the most-crowded 1% of census tracts are in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

-- The 90011 ZIP code, which straddles the cities of Huntington Park and South Gate in Southeast Los Angeles, is the most crowded ZIP code in the country, with 42.2% of its nearly 22,000 homes housing more than one person per room.

-- Santa Ana is also an outlier for crowding. The 92701 ZIP code, in the heart of the Orange County city, ranked as the fourth-most crowded in the country.

One reason that some families have no choice but to live in close quarters is that rents have risen while incomes have dropped. Among the results: tough conditions on the inside and nuisances on the outside, such as streets without parking spots for miles and constant noise that makes it difficult for kids to pay attention to teachers.

The statistics are a telling sign of how different cities handle their population density. Santa Ana is about as dense as Chicago, but Chicago has a larger collection of high rises and homes with more rooms than Santa Ana.