4 make unauthorized parachute jump from Coronado Bridge

Four young men, including at least one who identified himself as an active-duty Navy sailor, parachuted off the Coronado Bridge on Wednesday night and were immediately questioned by San Diego Harbor police.

The men's parachutes worked perfectly and there were no injuries during the unauthorized jump, which occurred about 11 p.m. The four were detained after the Harbor police caught up to a boat that was taking them to Coronado.


"They were sorry they were caught, but that's the risk you take when you have this kind of hobby," said Harbor police Sgt. Todd Rakos.

Harbor police had been alerted by a San Diego police officer, who saw the incident in progress. The officer was on the bridge checking a report of a possible suicide attempt, officials said.

The driver of a truck who had stopped in the middle of the bridge for the four to get out and begin their leap was cited by the San Diego police.

A boat was waiting to pick up the four from the water. The boat operator, who identified himself as an active-duty Navy officer, was cited for excessive speed as the boat raced to Coronado, according to the San Diego police.

San Diego police are investigating what section of law to use to cite the four jumpers, officials said.

Also, Navy brass have been alerted to the involvement of the two sailors - the parachutist and the boat operator - for possible discipline.

At its tallest, the bridge is more than 200 feet above the water.

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