Justin Bieber told by police to keep partying under control


Beverly Hills police want Justin Bieber to behave himself after neighbors there complained about his loud partying.

Police responded six times over the weekend to Bieber’s condominium -- twice for fan misconduct and four times because neighbors complained about noise coming from an apparent party, Beverly Hills police Sgt. Matt Subin told the Los Angeles Times.

Bieber, who has had more brushes with the law than chart hits in the last few months, was not cited but was given verbal warnings. The pop singer is on probation after pleading no contest on July 9 to throwing eggs at his former neighbor’s home in Calabasas.


Bieber sold that house and recently moved to a five-story luxury building in Beverly Hills, acquiring a penthouse apartment and another apartment inside the complex that has a rooftop lounge and party area.

Subin told CNN that Bieber needs to be more considerate to his neighbors.

“We ask for Mr. Bieber to be respectful of his neighbors and to the community of Beverly Hills and take the bull by the horns and actually turn down the music and limit the size of his parties in consideration for the sleeping child and elderly residents,” he said.

Resident Sharona Zinati told KTLA-TV that she’s had enough.

“He’s causing a lot of nuisance,” she said. “Four in the morning, he has music pounding.”

The Calabasas incident was preceded by dozens of calls to deputies complaining about activity at Bieber’s home. That same neighbor had previously alleged that Bieber spat in his face after he complained about partying by the singer and his friends.

Under a plea deal reached with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, the pop star pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vandalism in the incident and was ordered to pay $80,900 in restitution.

Authorities said the damage totaled more than $20,000, which could have qualified as a felony.


Bieber has been ordered to serve two years of probation, complete a 12-week anger-management program, perform five days of community service and stay away from his former neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, and his family for two years.

The restitution amount was ordered after prosecutor Alan Yochelson said Schwartz and his family spent a large amount of money to repair their “dream home” in the 25000 block of Prado del Grandioso that was damaged Jan. 9.

Bieber sold the Calabasas home to Khloe Kardashian for $7.2 million.

Bieber also has been arrested by Toronto police investigating an alleged assault on a limousine driver and by Miami Beach police who took him into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Those cases are pending.