Suspect shot by police after a morning of strange behavior and assaults

A man was shot and wounded by police after throwing rocks at passing vehicles in Montclair early Wednesday morning, officials said.

The shooting culminated a series of alleged assaults and strange behavior that started in Upland, Montclair Police Chief Robert Avels told reporters at the scene near Central Avenue.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Avels said, Upland police officers responded to calls about a man acting strangely and swinging a stick. The man was taken to a hospital for medical treatment, Avels said. The reason he was taken in for treatment was unclear.

Later the Upland Police Department received another call regarding the same man. The man had allegedly entered a home and assaulted the resident, Avels said. Police attempted to contain the suspect, but he fled and ended up in Montclair.

At about 5:45 a.m., police once again responded to calls involving the man, who this time was allegedly throwing rocks at passing vehicles.


“We arrived on scene and almost immediately there was an officer-involved shooting,” Avels said. The man is now in surgery for his gunshot wounds. Two officers were involved, but Avels said he did not have information about whether any other civilians or officers were injured.

Investigators found that at least seven vehicles sustained various degrees of damage, including scrapes and broken windows.The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident, a spokesperson said.

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