Sacramento homeowner urged to remove ‘offensive’ swastika display

Community leaders and lawmakers are pleading with a homeowner to remove flags bearing swastikas displayed outside his Northern California home, calling the display “offensive.”

State Sen. Marty Block (D-San Diego) was joined by a group of veterans, community leaders and fellow legislators Thursday in Sacramento in urging the homeowner to remove the swastika display from his Sacramento area home.

Block said the swastikas “tarnish the neighborhood and disrespect and dishonor the memory of tens of thousands of brave American and women who died for their country, fighting Hitler’s henchmen who wore that very same symbol.”

The display takes up a large portion of the front of the home, making it hard to miss.

It appears the Star of David was replaced with a swastika on two of three flags, which bear a resemblance to Israel’s national flag. On a third flag, the stars on an American flag were also replaced with a swastika.


A model of a person wearing military clothing was also erected and covered with Christmas lights.

Calls to the homeowner were not returned Thursday morning.

“He may have the right to leave it up, but that certainly doesn’t make it right,” Block said. “It’s time to remove this disgusting display of racism from our community. It’s time to take it down.”

Sacramento police were called Wednesday to investigate the symbols, the department’s spokesman Sgt. Doug Morris said.

The department has “zero tolerance” for any types of hate, but Morris said the display is protected by the 1st Amendment.

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