Body is found near San Francisco beach where woman went missing after landslide

This photo from video provided by KGO-TV shows rescuers with search dogs trying to find a woman buried by a landslide near a San Francisco beach.
(Associated Press)

Authorities found a woman’s body Monday morning on the same San Francisco beach where a woman went missing a month ago after a cliff collapsed on her, another woman and a dog.

The body was found about 8 a.m. on a Fort Funston beach about a quarter-mile south of Sloat Boulevard, according to Golden Gate National Recreation Area park officials. Authorities could not confirm whether it was the same woman who was lost in the landslide in February. The cause of death is still under investigation, according to park officials.

On Feb. 22, a landslide buried two women and a dog beneath the sand when the cliff where they were walking above the beach collapsed. Bystanders quickly pulled out one woman and her dog, and the woman was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Rescuers searched for the second woman, using a metal detector to try to find her phone. Dogs were also used in the search, San Francisco Fire Lt. Jon Baxter said. But rescue efforts were called off after more than three hours of searching.


The two women were walking a dog on the cliff above the beach when the land gave way. Witnesses reported seeing the women each with a hand extended to touch the cliff when it collapsed, and they were swept to the beach about 200 feet down.

A GoFundMe campaign identifies a woman who died in a Fort Funston beach landslide as Kyra Sunshine Scarlet.

“The only solace is she was with her friend and dog on a beach with a view of an ocean, which was her happy place,” the campaign page reads.

Baxter declined to answer more questions but said finding cadavers is “common along our coastline.”


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