New city website shows where parking tickets won’t be handed out

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, at an October news conference, says a new city website will help residents avoid parking tickets.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

The City of Los Angeles launched a website Wednesday that may make it easier to avoid parking tickets.

The new Bureau of Street Services website lists areas where parking tickets won’t be given out on a particular day. That includes neighborhoods where scheduled street sweeping won’t be performed, meaning residents won’t have to move their cars.

“This is about common sense,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement. “People shouldn’t block the streets from getting swept, and people shouldn’t get tickets for no good reason.”

The website allows users to type in their home address, which pulls up a map of the surrounding area. By examining the neighborhood’s street sweeping route numbers and schedules, residents can find out whether street sweeping has been canceled near their homes.


But the site had some bugs Wednesday, including not recognizing a variety of addresses. The mayor’s office said the website was in “beta” mode and still had some glitches.

The site is one of a series of parking efforts the Garcetti administration has implemented, including increased regulation for valet parking companies and a “help desk” to answer parking questions.


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