Supermoon photos, videos a big hit on social media

Images of Saturday night’s Supermoon filled social-media sites such as Twitter and Instagram last night.

One person captured this panoramic video of the moon over the L.A. skyline from Griffith Park.

Here’s another video of the Supermoon vying for attention with a police helicopter.

Here was the view from Orange County:

Here are some images aggregated from social media:

Super Moon over the Los Angeles Skyline. #YoureWelcome— David (@MrPolitico45) June 23, 2013

Super moon at the opening of the Hollywood bowl— michael peter reitz (@michaelpreitz) June 23, 2013


#SuperMoon tonight! So beautiful!!! #California #HighDesert #JoshuaTree @mrjohnbond @BravoAndy @bouska— Jasun Hicks (@jasunhicks) June 23, 2013

The so-called Supermoon reached its closest distance to the Earth at 4:32 a.m. PDT Sunday. The Supermoon is up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a typical full moon.

Here are some of the images aggregated from social media:

When the moon reached its perigee, it was just 221,824 miles away from Earth — or 16,176 miles closer than usual.

The Supermoon may have a tiny effect on the Earth’s tides, but even if you live near the beach you probably won’t notice it. NASA officials say that tides may be an inch higher than usual.


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