Sprinkler causes mini-flood in L.A. City Hall


A sprinkler that may have been accidentally activated by a film crew sent water pouring down stairs and elevator shafts in Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday afternoon.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott said one or more sprinkler heads turned on in a fourth-floor room on the northwest side of the building.

The water spread to portions of the first, second and third floors and the mezzanine by way of stairs, a service elevator shaft and an elevator shaft.


Firefighters, called to the scene at 2:27 p.m., checked a fire alarm panel to find the activated sprinkler and quickly turned it off.

“I don’t believe there was any damage to council members’ offices or furniture,” Scott said, adding that the mini-flood was not on carpeted floors.

A heat lamp used by a film crew may have set the sprinkler off, he added.


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