Spider-Man performer steals $6,000 on Hollywood Boulevard


A web of LAPD officers searched Monday for a Spider-Man performer in full costume who snatched $6,000 on Hollywood Boulevard.

The unidentified street performer made off with $6,000 from a Starline Tours operator as the worker left a company office Friday morning, police said.

Several performers in Spider-Man suits have been detained briefly for questioning since the incident, police said. But as of Monday morning, none were identified as the thief, said Officer Chris No of the Los Angeles Police Department.


Along with the cash, the Spider-Man performer also made off with credit card receipts.

The incident is the latest involving a character performer in Hollywood. In 2009, another Spider-Man performer was accused of assault. Fights between performers have been know to occur outside the landmark Chinese Theatre as they compete to earn money from tourists posing with them for photographs.


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