August 2014: Best of Southern California Moments

To me, August is otherwise known as Almost Football Season. So it’s no wonder that this month’s photo set begins with an image of a high school football player practicing punts before the season begins.

The image of a dog named Otto is another standout from the month. The canine dipping his head into the pool is perfect for the hot summer months.

One of my favorite types of pictures is one that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. Rafael Aragones’ photo of a prosthetic leg at a skate park is a perfect example. Where did the leg come from? Who does it belong to? Is the owner nearby, and why did he or she leave it? Asked about the leg in the image, Aragones had no answers.

Completing our set for the month is David Ingraham’s blurry, mysterious image of the corner of 7th and Flower, outside of the Metro Center station. One aspect I particularly like about mobile photography is the lack of control, which makes it much easier to wind up with serendipitously blurry photos such as this one. 


Feel as if there’s a photo I left out, or one that doesn’t belong in the set? Sound off in the comments. See you next month!

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