Worldwide InstaMeet 11


On Saturday, for Worldwide InstaMeet 11, I met a group of 42 photography enthusiasts on the industrial outskirts of downtown L.A. to make pictures inside the Los Angeles Times printing facility.

Members of the group had responded to an Instagram invitation to tour the facility. The Times’ Darrell Kumitomi led our tour.

As we wandered the warehouse, there were cameras pointed in every direction capturing the behind-the-scenes process of the making of a printed newspaper.


The best part was witnessing the camaraderie formed as people talked photography, used each other as models and bonded over their various Instagram feeds.

Peruse the gallery to get a glimpse of a few from the array of sights and check out #latimesinstameet for more.

Thanks you to all who made it. And for those that didn’t, follow @latimesphotos for info on the next one.

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