Proposition 45 falters; would have regulated health insurance rates


Proposition 45, a ballot measure that would have allowed regulation of some health insurance premiums, has failed, AP reports. The measure was targeted by a $57-million opposition campaign.

The initiative would have given California’s elected insurance commissioner the power to review proposed health insurance rates for the individual and small-employer markets. Premium hikes, if deemed excessive after an actuarial analysis, could have been denied under the measure.

Proponents, including the Consumer Watchdog advocacy group, the trial lawyers association and the state Democratic Party, contended that Proposition 45 was the only way to keep health insurance costs under control.


Opponents -- health insurers, doctors, hospitals and some labor unions -- countered that passage would have interfered with the state’s new health insurance exchange known as Covered California.

Covered California is the state’s version of the federal Affordable Care Act.

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