Throwback Thursday: 9 vintage Disneyland photos


In 1964, Jong Sook Kim visited Disneyland. It was no ordinary trip for the 14-year-old. Doctors once thought she would never see again, but after she traveled from her native South Korea to San Francisco for surgery, her sight was restored -- and she got a personal invitation from Walt Disney to visit the happiest place on earth.

A moment from that day, of Kim with “Alice in Wonderland” characters the Mad Hatter, Alice and the White Rabbit, that was taken for the Los Angeles Times’ article about her, is captured in one of our vintage Disneyland photos above. Other throwback Disneyland moments include Walt Disney inspecting plastic heads for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” addition to the park, then-Vice President Richard Nixon shaking hands with a man in a spacesuit and the opening of the “It’s a Small World” ride.

Click through the gallery above and enjoy this magical trip back in time for Throwback Thursday.


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