Second motorcyclist in SUV driver beating charged, arraigned

One of the bikers accused of smashing the window of an SUV, then dragging out the driver and beating him last week, was arraigned Saturday in New York City.

Robert Sims, 35, faces three felony counts including first-degree assault, gang assault and weapons possession, according to the complaint released by the New York County District Attorney’s office.

Sims, who turned himself into police Friday, identified himself in a video recording of the incident, according to the complaint.

The video recording of the Sept. 29 incident, which was posted online and went viral, shows the gang of motorcyclists pulling the driver of the SUV from his car and attacking him after he ran over another motorcyclist in an attempt to flee.


The motorcyclist who was run over, Edwin “Jay” Mieses, suffered severe back and leg injuries. His family enlisted celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred and in a news conference on Friday, she contended that Mieses was defusing the situation. Mieses’ partner, Dayana Mejia, joined Allred at the conference and tearfully spoke of what a good father he is to their two children.

The driver of the SUV, Alex Lien, has not been charged, and earlier this week, his family released a statement defending his choice to drive through the crowd of motorcyclists.

The case is being investigated by a grand jury, which has been given until Oct. 24 to report.

Christopher Cruz, 28, has also been charged in the incident. Cruz of Passaic, N.J., faces charges of reckless driving and misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment.


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