Letters: NSA spying -- a laughing matter?

Re “Senior Obama aides believe in NSA,” Nov. 13

The article about the Obama administration’s confidence in the National Security Agency and the reworking of its invasive surveillance to make it more palatable to the public reminds me of a quote about government intrusion for security made by the late George Carlin. He said:

“All this … is just one more way of reducing your liberty and reminding you that they can [mess] with you any time they want.... Americans are willing to trade away a little of their freedom for the feeling, the illusion of security.”

If Carlin were still alive, he’d be appalled by the NSA’s actions but delighted that he would have so much inspiration for new material, as the NSA’s intrusion is anything but justifiable by any stretch of the imagination.


Tim Cortina

Lake Elsinore

As an Air Force officer assigned to the NSA, I held a top-secret cryptographic security clearance for a number of years. That was eons ago when security and privacy were less publicly discussed.

My view? When in a tough neighborhood, it’s a good idea to have your fighting clothes on.

The time to arm yourself is before, not after, things get ugly.

Roger A. Wells

Manhattan Beach



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