Letters: Deserts deserve protection too

Re “The Mojave solar threat,” Opinion, March 26

Mark Butler’s sensitive and heartfelt Op-Ed about Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert aligns with my own feelings about the current state of the Antelope Valley’s desert landscape.

Formerly serene areas in the “delicate ecosystem,” as Butler puts it, are facing what appear to be plans for wall-to-wall solar.

The local government here has spearheaded solar without objectively considering the effects. A big short-term issue includes the numerous dirt storms that have disrupted our once peaceful valley.


Elisabeth Bernhart-Chatfelter

Lake Hughes, Calif.

Where should renewable energy projects be placed? What criteria are best for selecting locations? What existing resources should be protected? Some counties have ordinances guiding the placement of commercial solar facilities; others do not.

It is time to slow the widespread solar business.


Katharine Paull

Kagel Canyon


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