Letters: USAID in Afghanistan

Re “Afghan projects may lose oversight,” Oct. 30

The article overlooks Afghanistan’s development progress as it breezes over USAID’s rigorous oversight of our projects worldwide.

In the last 10 years, Afghans have seen a 20-year increase in life expectancy and a 62% decrease in child mortality. A decade ago, female education was banned in Afghanistan. Now, almost 3 million girls attend school.

Americans can be proud of their contribution to those achievements.


Furthermore, allegations of widespread waste and mismanagement are unfounded. Where USAID has identified instances of waste and project mismanagement in Afghanistan, we have terminated contracts and projects.

Our multi-tiered approach to monitoring development projects ensures that our rigorous oversight standards will continue to be upheld in the future.

William Hammink

Kabul, Afghanistan


The writer is USAID’s mission director in Afghanistan.


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