Letters: Romney’s NAACP misstep

Re “NAACP boos Romney comments,” July 12

Mitt Romney said to the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People that he will eliminate “nonessential, expensive programs” like President Obama’s healthcare law.

Romney was telling his fellow Americans that healthcare for millions of uninsured children, people with preexisting conditions and young people who can now stay on their parents’ insurance policies longer are nonessential, and he was booed. Did he expect the oldest civil rights organization in the country to applaud?

Alba Farfaglia


San Clemente

Romney’s speech to the NAACP was tantamount to a 60-year-old man flirting with a young woman at a bar on Friday night. Save your time and money.

It does strike me as funny that if the numbers for white voters were 95% for Romney and 5% for Obama — just as they are for African Americans, who heavily favor the president — we would hear cries of racism. If all men are created equal, then why two sets of rules when it comes to race?

Randy Thompson

El Segundo


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