Letters: Give this man a green card

Re “State bar argues for Mexico-born lawyer,” June 19

Is there any justifiable reason that Sergio C. Garcia, an undocumented immigrant whom the California Bar says deserves a license to practice law, has been kept waiting for his green card for 18 years?

His father, a naturalized citizen, sponsored him for this essential document when he was 17, and he is now 35 and hasn’t gotten it yet? The green card would allow him to work legally and would solve his immediate employment problem.

People apply for and presumably obtain green cards all the time, so why can’t Garcia get his? Being kept in limbo for 18 years is a travesty.


Garcia is an exemplary citizen and deserves that green card now.

Barbara Carlton

El Cajon

Garcia was brought to the United States illegally by his parents at age 9 but left and returned — again illegally — at 17. He is now 35 and wants to practice law in this country.

He might want to go to Mexico and practice law while he waits for his green card. Then and only then should he be allowed to practice law in the U.S.

James Tyner




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