Letters: So, L.A., hot enough for you?

Re “Study predicts more hot spells in SoCal,” June 21

The temperature extremes predicted for our children and grandchildren in L.A. are no small thing. If we continue on the same path of burning

19th century fossil fuels such as coal, we will, sad to say, head down the path to species suicide.

To prevent that tragedy, we need cultural and economic change — like what was brought about by the civil rights and women’s movements — that will raise consciousness, and then muster human ingenuity to move us on to rooftop solar and other renewable sources of energy.


Kathy Seal

Santa Monica

What world will my child inherit?

Recently, children at my son’s school were coming home dehydrated and sunburned just from playing outside. The school district couldn’t afford expensive shade structures, so parents held fundraisers and were able to purchase two.

This was only one school, with one playground and a group of dedicated parent volunteers. Thankfully, we were able to raise enough money to make a difference.

Parents are accustomed to making long-term investments to help their children. Society now needs to invest in cleaning up the planet.

Jennifer Jesperson

North Hollywood


Los Angeles is going to get hotter in the middle part of this century, and not just by a little. Anyone who isn’t alarmed by this is either planning on moving or is in denial.

For years environmentalism has been warm and fuzzy, a nice optional quality-of-life thing. Recycling, using solar power and taking shorter showers were nice little virtues but didn’t involved giving up one of life’s necessities.

With this report, we see that recycling, putting solar panels on rooftops and conserving water are not simply virtues but absolute necessities if

Los Angeles is to survive and thrive.


David Fink

Sherman Oaks


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