Letters: 'Biblical values' and Romney

Re "Evangelicals get behind Romney," Oct. 26

The fact that evangelical Christians have decided to back Mitt Romney because he supports "biblical principles" is alarming. This, then, would seem to entail the subordination of women and the exclusion of not only the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community but atheists and people of every faith but Christian.

Like many Republicans, I believe in small government; however, a government that practices the biblical principles that give rise to misogyny and bigotry is very big government, plainly a Christian theocracy. The thought is terrifying.

Rebecca Hertsgaard

Palm Desert

Organized religion is clearly a hotbed of political activism. It is time we revoke the tax-exempt status churches enjoy. They have weakened the separation of church and state, and some are successful businesses.

Hope Molyneux

Thousand Oaks


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