Letters: Gitmo -- a place of shame


Re “Death at Gitmo,” Opinion, Sept. 20

Every time the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay is mentioned, no matter the context, I feel shame. We should all be ashamed at how this place continues to hold prisoners without trial in our names. I pray for the guards, for those incarcerated and for the pages this place occupies in our country’s story.

Why does this place still exist after all this time? It is a blight on us. Each time we celebrate the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and the birthdays of iconic presidents, I am appalled that this place of torture continues to exist.


Now another prisoner is dead; is this what will cause the demise of this shameful site?

Beverly Franco

Monterey Park

May the judges, congressmen, senators, two presidents and all of the wonks involved in keeping Adnan Farhan Abdul Latif in Gitmo without a fair trial get visited by his image every night before they fall asleep. This seems only fair.

Dave Schaar



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