Letters: Shut out of UC

Letters: Shut out of UC
UCLA, seen above, and other University of California campuses are admitting more international and out-of-state students, who pay more tuition.
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Re “UC takes fewer state seniors,” April 19

As the parent of a hardworking high school sophomore, I find it very disheartening and shortsighted for the University of California system to increasingly favor out-of-state students at the expense of residents. It would be interesting to know how many of those non-Californians stay here after graduation so our state benefits from what they have learned.


Short of reversing this trend, might I suggest the following: Allow California students the option to submit an additional application noting their willingness to pay out-of-state tuition ($36,000). While this is about $23,000 more than in-state fees, it would still cost less than many private schools.

Imperfect, yes, but at least we could give our children the benefit of a top-notch education and subsequently reap the benefits of what they learn.


Julie Scorziell

Lake Arrowhead, Calif.

Katy Murphy, the college counselor who laments the “brain drain” that may take place because state universities increasingly favor non-California students, hits the nail on the head.

My son, a senior, was accepted to the UC system and was offered scholarships, just as he was to various out-of-state universities. Even though we are third-generation Californians, my son agreed with me that it would be best for his future to attend the University of Arizona.


In speaking with the parents of other graduating high school seniors in my area, I have found our decision not to be unique.

Richard Hart

Simi Valley



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