Letters: America's fortress mentality

Re "Blinded by the war on terrorism," Opinion, July 28

Sarah Chayes' sentiments about America's obsession with terrorism are spot on.

Like all other empires that have preceded ours, a fortress mentality has eclipsed all other national priorities. And with that kind of fixation, domestic and other foreign policy issues get swept aside. Worst of all, the "brain trust" of both Democrats and Republicans stays mired in one-upmanship on who is tougher on terrorism.

All the while, America repeats the fatal flaw of its imperial predecessors by not exercising a tough self-analysis of a foreign policy that has been deeply flawed over the last several decades. Interference in the internal affairs of other countries, unwarranted wars and drone attacks in developing nations lead inevitably to "blowback."

Under these circumstances, we will never "win" the war on terror, but we most assuredly can lose our republic.

Bob Teigan

Santa Susana


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