Letters: If the next mayor is a woman

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Re “The history card,” Jan. 30

Decisions made in City Hall definitely impact women’s lives, though not everyone quoted in this article recognized that. As a member of the Los Angeles City Council from 1977 to 1993, there were several issues on which my leadership was crucial to decisions impacting women.

In the mid-1980s, Los Angeles made headlines when we approved a wage scale in which new clerical workers made as much as newly hired gardeners and maintenance workers. It was called “pay equity.”


In the late 1970s, we made major changes in how veterans preference points were awarded, opening higher-level jobs to qualified women. We guaranteed new mothers the right to return to their jobs after maternity leave.

Women leaders in public life create positive change. Electing a woman as mayor of Los Angeles will make a difference in the lives of women and their families everywhere.

Joy Picus


Vote for someone because of their plumbing? No. I don’t care about a candidate’s sex, sex partners or the color of his or her skin.

It’s time to grow up and concentrate on the real issues that abound in this mayoral election. For instance, do any of these candidates have any idea how to attract investment capital to Los Angeles? Or maybe take control of the billboard companies that want to invest capital in trashing L.A.?


Jacqueline Kerr

Los Feliz


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