Letters: Death at a gun range

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Re “‘American Sniper’ killed at gun range,” Feb. 4

I cried for his wife and children — and us — when I read that former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was killed by a veteran whom he was trying to help, and that his friend Chad Littlefield was also killed. I hold no malice toward Eddie Ray Routh, a former Marine who allegedly shot them, because clearly he did not get the help he needed after returning from combat.

These men chose to go to other countries to protect our freedom at home. We need to protect and care for them when they come home.


Lolly Hellman

Venice Beach

According to gun fanatics everywhere who want to put weapons in every school, the more guns and training you have, the safer you are.

Now we have Kyle, one of the best-trained experts on guns who, by the National Rifle Assn.’s logic, was at one of the safest possible places — a shooting range. And he is shot and killed by a gun. Oh, I mean by a person.

Maybe it’s time to rethink that argument.

Marco Fuentes




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