Letters: Obamacare, the GOP and reality

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Re “Another look at Booker T.,” Opinion, Feb. 12

The Republicans seem so enamored of simplistic solutions to complex problems. Dr. Benjamin Carson’s talk at the National Prayer Breakfast is a good example of this.

His idea of health savings accounts sounds logical until you examine how insurance companies work. I have two daughters with serious health problems and a great granddaughter who was born with tuberous sclerosis. If they had to find their own coverage, no insurer would accept them. We are all fortunate that we have group coverage and state and federal health insurance.


When Obamacare more fully kicks in next year, none of my kin will have to worry if the day comes that they have to buy individual policies, because insurance companies will be required to cover preexisting conditions.

No wonder President Obama was frowning during Carson’s speech; if I had had to sit through his nonsense, I would have been frowning too.

Mary L. Adler

Ridgecrest, Calif.


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