Letters: A lot to like about Sacramento


Re “Town down on losing crown,” Jan. 27

I was offended by this article’s statements about Sacramento’s “inferiority complex” and that the city’s “biggest selling point is its proximity to other, more exciting places.”

In 1977, I moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento to attend graduate school, and have happily remained. In L.A., I never spontaneously ran into another person I knew. But almost always while I’m out and about in Sacramento, I unexpectedly and delightfully run into someone I know. Sacramento has excellent live theater, and we have a new and expanded Crocker Art Museum with exhibits from around the world. Ours is a wonderful urban area of nearly 1.5 million people.


Yes, I do like being close to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, but there is so much more.

Alice Ginosar



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