Letters: Entertained by screens

Re "Getting in on the game," photo, Nov. 2

Three beautiful lads, two aged 7 and one 5, were the subject of one of the most disturbing pictures I have seen in my years of reading The Times.

Adults had made the effort to get them to an open house at a veterinary hospital, and they sat next to a woman smiling at a brown lemur on her lap. The animal was interested in them, but the interest was not mutual. The boys were bent over a game on the tiny screen in front of them, a terrifying snapshot of our society today.

At what cost are our kids being conditioned to get their information from screens? You need only look around any public place to see people together yet totally separated by their technology.

Perhaps children will now be born with a permanent hunch to their shoulders, unable to recognize the true wonders of the world around them.

Kate Frazer

Rancho Santa Margarita

Did The Times publish this photo because it's cute or funny? The photo shows children at an animal shelter open house engrossed in an electronic game instead of being part of the event.

They might as well have stayed home. And what about the lemur? It seems as fascinated by the game as the kids. Is this progress?

By all means, let's indoctrinate the animal kingdom into being flickering-image-watching robots as well. I think it's sad.

Marty Wilson



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