Letters to the Editor: Why might Latinos vote Republican in 2022? One word: abortion

Supporters watch then-President Trump speak at a Latinos for Trump Coalition event in Phoenix in 2020.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: Columnist Gustavo Arellano misses the elephant in the room as he waxes poetic on why Latinos might vote for a corporation-loving, climate-denying, anti-vaccine, minority-loathing Republican Party in 2022.

The simple reason is the same one evangelicals chose when they voted for a morally corrupt Donald Trump: The GOP is antiabortion.

Almost half of all Latinos in the United States identify as Roman Catholic, many of whom are like their evangelical brethren and are willing to turn a blind eye the multitude of GOP transgressions so they can side with the “pro-life” party.


Their logic might as well be, “It’s not right Republicans put children in cages, but hey, they didn’t kill the kids, so I’m voting Republican.”

Luis Alberto Montalvo, La Verne


To the editor: Arellano contends that he’d rather not see Latinos side with a party that’s anti-science, anti-reason, anti-logic and anti-women.

What he is blatantly failing to recognize is that many Latinos, like myself, would rather side with a party that is pro-life, pro-personal responsibility, pro-law enforcement and pro-legal immigration.

Sam Chaidez, Mission Hills


To the editor: If Latinos do indeed vote Republican in 2022 and 2024, it would drive the point that people vote against their own best interests.

Stephanie Chong, La Crescenta