Letters to the Editor: Biden isn’t failing Black voters; Republicans and a few Democrats are

President Biden speaks to reporters after meeting with Senate Democrats at the Capitol on Jan. 13.
(Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: Apparently, the blocked voting rights legislation and other stalled reforms may mean fewer Black voters show up to vote for President Biden and the Democrats on election day.

Biden has been dealing with 50 hostile Republican senators and two Democrats who want to deny their team votes, holding the 50-50 body at bay. What more can he do?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) herds his Republican colleagues to thwart Biden at every turn. He still seems to relish making the sitting White House executive a “one-term” president. Biden is being blamed for not enacting legislation that a hostile Senate won’t even vote on.


Don’t forget that there are other names on the ballot besides a president’s. Right now, there are more registered Democrats and independents than Republicans. Given this, how is it that the elephant party holds so much power in this country?

I’ve been Black for 87 years and have never missed an election or not voted on a candidate, regardless of the office. So let’s stop playing the blame game and make sure we vote for folks who will back our president’s agenda. Our democracy demands that we do.

Don A. Norman, Los Angeles


To the editor: I’ve noticed an uptick in sensationalized print headlines on The Times’ front page, including “Biden at risk of failing Black voters.”

A newspaper should be nonpartisan, or it should put all Opinion pieces in the back of the news section. First impressions make a difference.

Laura Silagi, Venice



To the editor: The Times once again shows its imbalance.

On the same day you print a letter praising Biden for bringing decency back to the presidency, you ignore his calling a reporter a “son of a bitch” during his recent news conference. You might not consider that newsworthy, but somehow other newspapers reported it.

Andrew Bressler, Culver City