Letters to the Editor: These aren’t Bill Clinton’s Republicans. Joe Biden has it much worse

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton arrive at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20, 2021.
(Alex Wong / Getty Images)

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg alludes to some Republicans that Democrats can work with. (“Joe Biden could learn a lot from Bill Clinton,” Opinion, Jan. 25)

Where are the Republicans criticizing the state legislatures that are making it more difficult for people — mainly Democrats — to vote? Where was the outcry about each Texas county having only one ballot drop-off box apiece?

The current Republican Party is not playing by normal rules.

Goldberg wants Biden to find Republicans who would work against their own self-interest. They believe that the fewer people vote, the better their chances are to get and retain power.


The problem this country faces now is that one of its major political parties is dominated by a vocal conspiracy-theorizing minority. It is past time for the “good people” in the party to take a stand and not be on the side of Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis.

Rene Childress, Los Angeles


To the editor: In recommending that Biden learn from former President Clinton, Goldberg might have mentioned that Clinton’s political adversaries actually supported democracy, fiscal responsibility, voting rights and international leadership, providing a shared basis for working to improve the lives of Americans.

Biden’s adversaries, conversely, refuse to participate in matters of routine governance, preferring instead self preservation while cowering to seditionists.

The challenges facing Biden require a very different response from those that confronted Clinton in a very different time.

Eric Carey, Arlington, Va.