Letters to the Editor: Readers thank David Lazarus for standing up for consumers and fairness

A person uses a bank ATM.
For his final column, David Lazarus assisted readers caught up in the Wells Fargo fake-account scandal.
(Chuck Burton / Associated Press)

To the editor: I am sad to learn that David Lazarus’ Jan. 28 column was his last for The Times. He has been one of the most important columnists and our champion for all the many years you have featured him.

Lazarus fought for consumer rights and protection. He educated and stood by us. He raised awareness so we would not be victims of fraud or unethical business practices.

We relied on Lazarus to help us in resolving consumer issues if we were unfortunate enough to experience a problem. How many of his priceless columns have been saved for future reference?


Lazarus will be greatly missed by readers, but we will see him on TV. The Times’ loss is KTLA’s gain.

Joy Jenks, Winnetka


To the editor: I am so sorry to hear that Lazarus is leaving The Times.

His work protecting consumers has been an important public service — not just with the individuals he has helped directly, but as a voice for honesty and fairness in general. With any problem he takes on, he always takes into consideration both sides of the issue.

Also, his column was interesting and just plain fun to read. I’m glad he is going to have some TV presence fighting for all the little guys, but I wish he could still write a column for The Times.

Elizabeth Hoffman, Rancho Palos Verdes