Letters to the Editor: California’s far right is trying to seize power with recalls. Don’t let it

Recall supporter Patty Plumb (front) stands in front of the Shasta County Clerk's Office
Recall supporter Patty Plumb (front) stands in front of the Shasta County Clerk’s Office, where votes for the recent recall election were being counted, with her husband Ron Plumb and Marjorie Andrews.
(Anita Chabria / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Anita Chabria’s column on a recall effort in Shasta County, Calif., backed by far-right extremists is spot on.

Recalls have been happening across the state and country since the Jan. 6 insurrection. An effort is underway in my city to gather enough signatures to hold special recall elections for five of our seven City Council members. Residents in the city recently received mailers that defended the elected city attorney, who is often at odds with the City Council.

What happened to “stop the steal” and local control? Have we painted ourselves into a corner as a democracy that protects the rights of speech, assembly and bearing arms, only to have these very institutions set up to protect these rights destroyed?


Patricia Goodman, Huntington Beach


To the editor: I just had to chuckle at the photo with Chabria’s column showing an activist in Redding holding a sign that says, “Mail in ballots are illegal.”

I used to live in California but never voted by mail. When I moved to Washington state, where I now live, I had to get used to no polling places and every election — and I do mean every — being conducted by mail.

It is absolutely wonderful. It is easy, convenient, safe and secure. We never worry about “fraud” because the system is accurate and efficient.

When I see alarmists such as those in your photo, I want to urge them to calm down. Fair and secure elections can happen, even in Shasta County, without fear-driven folks turning on each other.

Brad DeFord, Whidbey Island, Wash.



To the editor: It can happen here, and it is happening here.

Chabria’s column filled me with so much dread and despair. I imagine there are countless Americans from both political parties who feel as I do, hopeless and helpless.

It’s ironic that the article right next to this one was about a man who had to go to court to challenge Holocaust deniers. People, wake up — this is happening under our noses, and no one will stop it but us.

Where are the voices of reason? Where is the outrage?

Barbara Busch, Santa Barbara